Sandpoint Idaho Real Estate Offers Something for Everyone

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Perhaps one of the best things about growing up as a Sandpoint Idaho native is being able to appreciate the beauty of the land and surroundings of such a wonderful place. The Sandpoint Idaho real estate I grew up around inspires and calms. Over the years,Guest Posting whenever I’ve lived away, I always long to return. It is home. There are: big beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and creeks, evergreen trees and birch stands, wide vistas, hunting and fishing, and of course boating, swimming, and skiing. I remember lots of times crossing the long bridge, as I drove into town, seeing the sky for the first time; again. Recreation is never far and the communities are friendly and approachable. All in all, a nice combination of people and places makes Sandpoint Idaho real estate highly desirable.

Sandpoint sits quietly at the base of Schweitzer ski resort, and on the shores of beautiful Lake Pend Oreille. It is a small town of almost seven thousand, with thousands more in the county. It wasn’t that many years ago when there were no street lights and all the roads in town were two-way. Now there’s one-way traffic and several traffic lights installed just to remind us that we do live in the modern world. Of course, Walmart, McDonalds, and other national chain stores have discovered the place and have become part of the landscape there. But that’s progress, right? At least now, families don’t have to travel to Spokane for all their shopping like we used to do if we wanted more than just the basics. But all this comes with a price; high to some, reasonable to others.

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who works in the Sandpoint Idaho real estate market, and was wondering how affordable the housing and land are now. Of course, affordability is a relative term. To some who have moved into the area from more lucrative parts of the country, the Sandpoint Idaho real estate market has been a plum to be picked. When you can sell an average house somewhere else for $500K or more and move to Sandpoint and buy a huge piece of property with a lake view or better for half that, life is pretty good, and the deals are a plenty.


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